• Blackhawk crash victims released by Fort Hood

    Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 30-Nov-2015

    Fort Hood has released the names of four soldiers that died in the Nov. 23 UH-60L Blackhawk helicopter crash after families were notified. The crash happened last Monday in the northeast part of Fort Hood’s training area. The four crew members were assigned to 2 nd Battalion, 291 st Aviation Regiment, First Army Division West and were on the aircraft that was assigned to the 7 th Battalion, ...
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  • Head-on bus crash on Texas Highway kills 2 and injures 10

    Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 20-Nov-2015

    Both drivers were killed in a head-on bus crash on Texas Highway and 10 passengers were injured. The bus was traveling westbound, carrying a Los Angeles-based rock band, The Ghost Inside, when it struck a semi-truck head on that was traveling eastbound. According to The Texas Department of Public Safety, the crash happened on U.S. 62/180 east of El Paso around 9:15 a.m. Thursday morning. It is ...
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  • Two killed in Killeen car crash from alleged racing on Trimmier

    Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 13-Nov-2015

    A man and a woman were killed and several Killeen ISD students were injured in a fatal crash Friday when a vehicle that was allegedly racing crashed into another vehicle on Trimmier Road in Killeen. Two vehicles were evidently racing when one slammed into a black Taurus that was making a left turn on Nichols Drive. The district made a statement Friday afternoon saying, "The extent of the ...
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  • Why you should buy your teen driver a new car

    Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 12-Nov-2015

    It often deemed a part of life – having an old beat up car for your first vehicle. It is such a common story, it is widely accepted and rarely argued. Now, we will go against the beat-up-car milestone in life and talk about why a teen should get a newer car. Car accidents are the leading cause of death for teens. This statistic can be frightening for parents, but can be a motivating ...
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  • What are the Penalties for Forging a Prescription?

    Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 6-Nov-2015

    Sometimes, people do not consider the severity of forging a signature or legal document. However, this can be highly illegal, especially in cases such as forging a drug prescription. A prescription is a note supported by a doctor’s license that is based on examination, education, and continuous accreditation, which specifies the drugs that should be given to a person based on their medical ...
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  • The Carlson Law Firm attorney, Dominic Braus helps minor clients recover for the death of their mother

    Posted By Christina Bernhard || 5-Nov-2015

    The Carlson Law Firm attorney, Dominic Braus helps minor clients recover after losing their mother in a fatal motorcycle crash. The woman in the crash was a passenger on the bike when the driver lost control of the vehicle and slammed into the guardrail. The force of the impact caused the woman to sustain brutal head injuries and took her life instantly. According to court documents, it was later ...
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  • Volkswagen emissions scandal

    Posted By Christina Bernhard || 2-Nov-2015

    After becoming the largest automaker in the world, Volkswagen has become part of a scandal possibly costing the company billions of dollars. In September, it was revealed that 11 million diesel-powered vehicles were designed to defeat emissions testing. This made the cars seem much cleaner and safer for the environment than they really are. The German automaker has admitted to cheating the ...
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  • The price of infidelity

    Posted By Christina Bernhard || 26-Oct-2015

    While some divorces might happen because of differences, other divorces can be brought by infidelity. When the divorce turns from “no fault” to “fault,” things are sometimes handled differently. The spouse that was not committing adultery might get more in some circumstances if the adultery is proven. No fault vs. fault In Texas, you can file a “no fault” ...
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  • Some misdemeanors and felony convictions are now eligible for Petitions for Non-disclosure

    Posted By Christina Bernhard || 8-Oct-2015

    Finding a job or an apartment with a criminal history can be a rough task. With just three dollars, apartment managers or employers can pull a background check effortlessly online. There are ways to get parts of your record sealed by expunctions or Petitions for Nondisclosure. Previously, people were only eligible for a Petition for Non-Disclosures if they had successfully completed a period of ...
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  • Scott Crivelli helps wrongful death victim recover $550,000 settlement

    Posted By Christina Bernhard || 30-Sep-2015

    The Carlson Law Firm personal injury lawyer, Scott Crivelli helps wrongful death victim recover $550,000 settlement. Crivelli’s client was driving through multiple states on the highway when he was struck from behind by another driver. The client began to exit the highway when another driver crashed into his vehicle from behind, launching the truck several feet into a tree. The fault of the ...
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  • More than 273,000 bus accidents a year

    Posted By Christina Bernhard || 22-Sep-2015

    With professionally trained drivers, security cameras and vehicle maintenance, one may think there would not be as many bus accidents on the road. Unfortunately, they are far more common than people think. Last year, data was gathered by The Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration on traffic accidents in the U.S. that involved buses and large trucks. This ...
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  • Mom finds glass-like particles in Huggies baby wipes

    Posted By Christina Bernhard || 10-Sep-2015

    Parents from Florida have found shiny particles in their daughter’s baby wipes and believe they are pieces of glass or plastic causing the wipes to be abrasive on baby skin. Last week, Kimberly Miner, a mother of two, posted a video on social media of what looked like glass pieces on a piece of cloth. The cloth was a Huggies baby wipe, and the shiny, abrasive specs are still unknown. ...
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  • Central Texas attorney gets $1 million settlement for car crash victim

    Posted By Christina Bernhard || 5-Aug-2015

    The Carlson Law Firm attorney, Julie Peschel, helps car crash victim reach a settlement of $1 million. Peschel’s client was driving on a highway through Lampasas County when the victim turned a corner and crashed into a truck and flatbed trailer that was perpendicularly blocking the road. The trailer was hauling lumbar when the driver missed a turn. According to court documents, in an ...
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  • How hospitals kill more people than car accidents

    Posted By Christina Bernhard || 3-Aug-2015

    When going to the hospital, if there is anything we often expect to be, it is safe. While many diseases are caused by bacteria, hospitals may be less sterile and more dangerous than some would think. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an estimated 648,000 people in the U.S. develop infections during their hospital stay, and 75,000 die with them. This amount is more ...
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  • Are You Carrying Greens? (An Overview of Texas Marijuana Laws)

    Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 29-Jul-2015

    There is much debate over the subject of cannabis, most commonly referred to as marijuana. Brought to America by the Spanish in 1545, marijuana became a major commercial crop during the same time as tobacco. Its uses were many, including cotton replacement, medication, and a recreation. Since then, there has been much debate regarding the substances and whether or not marijuana should be ...
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