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Truck companies are in the business to make money, which means getting shipments delivered on time. To increase profit, these same companies can place an emphasis on speed over safety, which can cause motorists to become unnecessarily vulnerable. At The Carlson Law Firm, our attorneys have successfully handled countless personal injury claims against large trucking companies and insurance carriers, and are well-versed in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations that may affect your claim.

Accidents involving large trucks and other heavy commercial vehicles are more likely to result in catastrophic injury or loss of life. Insurance companies and trucking companies fight hard to limit payout to victims of a large truck accident. There are many types of negligence that can cause fatal trucking accidents, including:

  • 18-wheeler truck accident attorney lawyer negligent hiring truck driver driver fatigue


    Truck drivers are under strict guidelines regulating hours of service and amount of sleep, but pressure to meet deadlines or a misjudgment of fatigue level often leads to serious accidents.

  • 18-wheeler truck accident attorney


    Because trucks maneuver, accelerate and decelerate differently than cars, they are more difficult to control, especially at high speeds. Speeding behind the wheel of a truck is an inexcusably negligent and illegal act.

  • 18-wheeler truck accident attorney

    Drug/Alcohol Abuse

    Operating a truck under the influence of alcohol, prescription or non-prescription drugs can lead to catastrophic consequences on the road.

  • 18-wheeler truck accident attorney

    Poor Maintenance

    Poor maintenance can lead to dangerous events such as tire blowouts, defective steering, jackknifing, improper trailer attachment, transmission failure, etc.

  • 18-wheeler truck accident attorney

    Equipment Failure

    Equipment failure can include defective tires or brakes, or design errors, including failure to install object detection systems or backing warnings.

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    The United States Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration contains several regulations regarding the training and testing of commercial truck drivers. These regulations are not always adhered to.