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In our experience, accidents involving trucks (semis, 18-wheelers) and other heavy commercial vehicles are more likely to result in catastrophic injury or loss of life. We also know that the insurance companies and trucking companies fight hard to limit payout to victims of a fatal truck accident.

If you have lost a loved one because a driver was careless or a bus or trucking company was negligent, it is vitally important to secure experienced representation as soon as possible. Fatal truck accident cases can involve complicated insurance issues and extensive investigation by state and federal agencies. You need a representative on the scene as soon as possible to protect your right to seek justice and compensation for your loss.

The experienced truck accident attorneys at The Carlson Law Firm represent clients throughout the state, nation and world who need experienced, dedicated representation with regard to trucking accidents, including wrongful death claims. We will fight for justice for your loved one. We will fight for the compensation you need.

What Causes Fatal Truck Accidents?

One of the most common causes of serious and deadly truck crashes is truckers who drive more than the number of hours they are supposed to. Excessive driving causes fatigue, and fatigued truck drivers cannot pay attention to the road as they should. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and other state and federal agencies set strict guidelines regarding driving hours and rest periods. If drivers and trucking companies violate these regulations, then they can be held responsible for any injury or loss of life that results.

There are many other types of negligence that can cause fatal trucking accidents, including:

Substandard truck maintenance

Equipment failure


Untrained or inexperienced drivers

Truck driver drug and alcohol abuse

There have even been cases of deadly truck accidents caused by truck drivers texting, watching television and surfing the Internet while on the road.

Military Death Benefits and Truck Accidents

The Carlson Law Firm serves a number of military personnel and their dependents in central Texas, nationwide and abroad. When a service member is the victim of a fatal trucking accident, the survivors may be eligible to receive military death benefits in addition to the recovery available in an insurance claim or wrongful death lawsuit.

How The Carlson Law Firm Can Help

Don’t let another moment pass without an experienced advocate on your side to protect your rights and fight for your recovery. Contact us for a free consultation with a Texas truck accident lawyer— we serve accident victims of a fatal truck accident and their families statewide, nationwide.

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