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If you’ve been injured in a bus accident, you can be confident knowing the team at The Carlson Law Firm will do everything in our power to help you. We promise to fight for your rights and help you get all the compensation you deserve under the law. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Every bus crash is different and you may eve have a claim against multiple parties. This can include the bus and parts manufacturers, a negligent private bus company or public agency, bus maintenance firms, and state or local agencies. Common causes of bus accidents include:

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    Driver fatigue is the most common cause of serious bus accidents, along with driver distraction, drivers under the influence, and inadequately trained and inexperienced drivers.

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    Bus companies often turn a blind eye to the federal regulations, training requirements and maintenance requirements. They deliberately choose profit over public safety.

  • bus crash accident injury lawyers


    Buses that are poorly maintained have much greater potential to cause an accident due to a part or system failure. When this happens, the results can be catastrophic or fatal.

  • bus crash accident injury lawyers


    Because there is no requirement to install seat belts, riders are at a greater risk of being seriously injured or killed than would be the case if seat restraints were required.

  • bus crash accident injury lawyers


    In rare occasions, a bus accident may be caused by inclement weather or poor road conditions. However, drivers should be properly trained to operate the vehicle despite these conditions.

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