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Vehicles that are sold in the U.S. must meet certain crash safety standards to ensure that the vehicles do not place drivers or passengers at risk of preventable injuries. Unfortunately, auto companies and parts manufacturers are notorious for cutting corners and putting profits above safety.

We purchase new cars largely based on safety rankings and their ability to protect us in case of a serious accident.  It is a frightening experience to not only go through the trauma of an accident, but the addition of a severe accident often involves a rollover event.  SUVs and trucks have a high rollover rate which often leads to roof crush accidents.

When a roof collapses in a vehicle, the driver and passengers can often be crushed under the weight of the vehicle and the pressure of the ground.  Additionally, roof crush accidents increase the likelihood that a victim will be ejected from the vehicle during the accident.

Roof crush injuries should not occur during accidents. Most vehicles promote their safety ratings and seduce potential buyers with statistics touting that their vehicle is the safest SUV or sedan on the market.  However, if these advertisements are not completely true, you could be severely injured in a rollover accident if the roof does not hold up to the level it was promised.

Vehicles Most Likely To Rollover

Per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, SUVs are at a higher risk of rollover accidents and accompanying roof collapses than any other class of vehicle. In fact, many of the 10,000 SUV rollover deaths in the United States every year are attributed to roof collapses. The SUV rollover rate is near 90%; the highest rollover rate for any class of vehicle. An SUV roof collapse occurs when components of the roof are crushed and cave in. In a situation like this, the roof of the SUV is pushed into the interior of the vehicle exposing occupants to extreme impact.

Rollover and roof crush accidents can happen to any vehicle. But studies and years of litigation have shown that some vehicles have an unreasonably high tendency to roll over, even under normal driving conditions, including:

  • Sport-utility vehicles (SUVs)
  • Fifteen-passenger vans
  • Pickup trucks
  • Large commercial trucks
  • Any vehicle with defective tires

One example of this is what happens frequently when SUVs roll over — the roofs cave in or crush. Defective roof design, production, and installation can lead to serious or fatal injuries for SUV occupants.

Roof Failure Defects

Roof failure may cause devastating injuries to drivers and passengers. In this country, roof crush defect injuries kill over 10,000 people each year.

When roofs are not made to withstand impact, shattered glass and other structural components are commonly strewn throughout the scene of an accident. These sharp pieces may cause severe lacerations. Also, the crushed roofs may reveal large spaces where occupants can be ejected from the vehicles. Finally, compromised roofs may collapse on occupants. Since seat belts are made to keep people sitting upright, roof collapses may cause severe spinal cord or brain injuries. Many of these injuries lead to death.

Government agencies and automakers have known about the problems associated with a roof crush accident for a long time. Although the federal government passed laws to heighten the standards on auto roof strength, not all vehicles are made to comply. Many major SUV manufacturers are exempt from this legislation. Experts estimate it is inexpensive to incorporate high auto roof strength, but manufacturers ignore the possibilities of changing designs so that profits are not compromised at all.

Injuries Commonly Caused By Roof Failure

Many severe, even permanent, injuries are associated with roof crush. You could suffer from traumatic brain injury (TBI), which can have life-altering consequences. Spinal cord injury or serious neck injury is also possible, and may even lead to paralysis. Even broken bones can be costly, as well as impair your ability to work. You could be facing long and expensive therapy; do not face all these problems alone. If someone else is at fault, then a qualified car accident lawyer can ensure that you receive full compensation for damages and to cover your costs, so that you can move on from this accident.

Roof crush during a rollover accident often results in catastrophic injuries to passengers inside as well as those ejected from the vehicle. Such injuries may include:

  • Severe head and brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injury, which may result in paralysis (quadriplegia and paraplegia)
  • Traumatic amputations
  • Wrongful death

Auto Manufacturer’s Duties for Industry Standards of Roofs

Auto manufacturers have the duty to design and produce vehicles that are safe and reliable. Accordingly, they are bound by industry standards to install crashworthy roofs that protect the vehicle’s occupants from harm should an accident occur.

Failure on the part of auto manufacturers to produce crashworthy vehicles and parts can make them accountable for the resulting injuries in the event of accidents.

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