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While appropriate safety seats can keep your child safe in an accident, defective car seats can lead to injuries that could have been prevented. Your family should not have to bear the consequences of a preventable tragedy. Contact The Carlson Law Firm to answer your questions and concerns about defects in car seats and booster seats and injuries that may have occurred.

There is no doubt that properly-installed car seats save lives. However, safety-related defects can severely injure your child in the time it takes for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to identify a problem and a manufacturer to issue a recall.


In 2017, more than 755,000 car seats were recalled and approximately 10 million were recalled in the last few years by major brands like Graco, Evenflo, Dorel Juvenile Group, Britax, 4moms, Diono and more. These major manufacturers have had defects in their products including, but not limited to faulty handles, sudden releases, weak construction, sticky buckles, flammable material, base/shell separation, defective harness and unintended rotation.


Manufacturers market booster seats as equally safe as harness seats to the parents of children who may be too young to safely use one. Far too often, children are moved into booster seats before it’s time to make the move into a “big kid” seat. These seats come with other hidden challenges because they’re inadequately tested for safety.


If your child was injured because of a car seat failure or booster seat failure, manufacturers may be held responsible for failure to test the seats before placing on the market, failure to identify a defect, failure to identify faulty materials, or failure to warn buyers of dangers.


No child should suffer from the negligence of adults who are responsible for creating equipment meant to ensure safety. The Carlson Law Firm can guide you through the legal process if your child or somebody you know was injured because of a car seat failure or booster seat failure.

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