Legal Representation for

Victims of Clergy Sexual Abuse


A Team That Fights For You

Your religious organization may have denied your allegations or promised help and then turned you away, but at The Carlson Law Firm, we will listen to your story and treat you with compassion. Our experienced, caring crime victim lawyers represent both children and adults who were sexually abused by religious leaders.

For decades, victims of sexual abuse in churches nationwide have been silenced by shame, deceptive teaching, and intimidation tactics. We want to give you your voice back and hold perpetrators accountable.

Church Liability

The courts allow for a plaintiff who was a victim of sexual abuse to bring a claim against the church. Claims against the Church can be brought under different theories, all of which are covered under negligence. These theories encompass the idea that even though the Church knew of the alleged abuse, it continued to negligently hire and maintain those priests that had been accused.

Other Defendants

In many situations, parties other than the perpetrator are legally liable for the abuse. Any person or business acting through its employees, who failed to report or prevent the abuse after suspecting the abuse or who actively concealed the abuse, is a potential defendant.

Is it too late?

Both states and the federal government have created statutes of limitations, or time limits for filing civil claims, in many areas of law. While most statutes of limitations are logical, for reasons such as bringing finality to claims and prevent injustice, in cases of sexual abuse this isn’t always the case. In Texas, the SOL does not begin until the victims 18th birthday.

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