Criminal Law FAQs

Answers to common Criminal Law Questions

What does criminal law entail?

Criminal law is a general term used for cases that involve any criminal charge (including tickets, misdemeanor offenses, and felony offenses), any arrest, investigation by a police or governmental agency prior to an arrest, charges filed against you, occupational licenses, requests for early release from probation, non-disclosures, expunctions, and more.

How much does it cost for you to represent me in a criminal case?

Please call us at 254-526-5688 to schedule a free consultation.

What counties do you practice criminal law in?

Bell, Coryell, Lampasas, and Fort Hood Federal Magistrate Court.

How do I know which attorney/law firm I should hire?

Hire someone you feel comfortable with and will help you understand not only your legal position, but also the practical implications of the same. Additionally, be sure you understand the attorney’s fee structure and how/what you will be charged for.

Do I really need an attorney?

Generally, yes. An attorney is going to look out for your interests, review the evidence, answer your questions, and ensure you get the best result.

I have a court appointed attorney, should I hire a different attorney?

Again, it is important you feel comfortable with your attorney and like you are getting your questions answered. Having a criminal charge or investigation is a stressful time. The attorney should help ease those concerns, not enhance them.

How long does a criminal case last?

It depends on the evidence presented by the prosecutor, if there is missing evidence, availability of witnesses, your availability, your attorney’s availability, and the court’s availability.

The police want to talk to me, should I meet with them?

No. The only reason a police officer would want to meet with you during an investigation in which you are not a victim or witness, is to get you to confess. Schedule an appointment with our office today.

How do I find out if there is a warrant out for my arrest?

You can call a professional bail bondsman, the police agency investigating the offense, and/or the court in which the case is pending. You can also find some warrant information by going to

What if I cannot afford the bond?

Your attorney can request a hearing with the court to reduce your bond amount. Contact us today.  

What will you do, as my attorney?

We review all evidence and ensure the evidence is complete. We ensure your rights weren’t violated, that the state can prove their case, and advocate on your behalf. We will also file motions to reduce the bond, suppress evidence, and other documents as necessary.  


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