Compassionate Daycare Abuse & Negligence Attorneys


A Team That Fights For You

Daycare workers are responsible for the children in their charge. When they fail to maintain a reasonable level of care, they are acting negligently and can be held liable for the injuries they’ve caused. If your child has suffered harm at the hands of a child care employee, whether it be physical abuse, sexual abuse, verbal abuse or child neglect, we will stand up for your rights on your behalf and fight for the justice you and your children so rightly deserve.

If the facilities we trust our children to aren’t providing the quality of care that they are required, and children are hurt, it's important to seek advice from a skilled daycare abuse attorney.


Our experienced daycare abuse attorneys handle cases involving all different types of daycare accidents, including the following: slip and fall accidents, falls from playground equipment, choking, injury from fights, sexual abuse, neglect after an injury, burns, suffocation and more.


Many times daycare negligence goes unnoticed until it’s too late. State and federal laws exist which prescribe standards that must be followed by all of these facilities and institutions. This includes removing known dangers, providing proper oversight, and maintaining appropriate caregiving items in case of emergency.


Lack of supervision is the single greatest cause of daycare injuries. Often the supervision itself is caused by inadequate staffing. If there are not enough adults watching a group of children than it is far more likely that one of the children will get into trouble and unintentionally injure themselves.

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