EFP Roadside Bomb Injury Lawsuit

EFP Roadside Bomb Explosive Device Injury Lawsuit Iraq War Fund

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A deadly form of roadside bomb, known as explosively formed penetrators (EFPs), put U.S. military service members and contractors at increased risk each and every day while they were bravely serving their country overseas. We now know that enemy forces would not have been able to manufacture these deadly explosive devices without the aid of certain international banks that masked wire transactions to help fund terrorist groups.

EFP Catastrophic Injury Claims

The Carlson Law Firm has been fighting for the rights of injured veterans across the nation for over 40 years. We are a veteran-owned and operated law firm headquartered at Fort Hood, Texas.

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History of Explosively Formed Penetrators

Improvised explosive devices (IEDs) are said to have caused between half and two-thirds of all American deaths and injuries in Iraq and Afghanistan. Of the roadside bombs encountered by U.S. troops in those war zones, EFPs are among the most lethal.

Whereas most roadside bombs send energy and shrapnel in all directions, EFPs work more like cannons. EFPs detonate with a force capable of traveling more than a mile per second and can breach tank armor 300 feet away.

The devices are fashioned from commonplace items, including steel, PVC pipe, and explosives and are sealed with a copper disk. The device shoots out fist-sized wads of nearly-molten copper that can penetrate the armor on an Abrams tank.

The Bush administration alleged in 2007 that Iran was responsible for the arrival of EFP bombs in Iraqi war zones. U.S. officials alleged Lebanese militia group Hezbollah learned how to build the bombs from its Iranian allies, and then provided anti-American groups in Iraq with EFPs and the tools needed to build their own.

Some of the world’s most powerful banks knowingly funded Hezbollah terror operations by concealing billions of dollars in transactions with their Iranian sponsors, a Brooklyn federal lawsuit charges.

Eventually landing in Hezbollah’s hands, Iranian money aided in “planning and perpetrating the murder and maiming of hundreds of Americans in Iraq during the same time the conspiracy was proceeding,” according to the suit.

Anti-Terrorism Act

If you are a U.S. veteran, service member, or family member of a veteran or overseas contractor who was injured, disabled, or killed in the Iraq War, you may take legal action under the U.S. Anti-Terrorism Act against foreign banks that illegally financed Iran’s acts of terrorism during the Iraq War and in Afghanistan.

18 USC § 2333. Civil Remedies

(a) Action and Jurisdiction – Any national of the United States injured in his or her person, property, or business by reason of an act of intentional terrorism, or his or her estate, survivors, or heirs, may sue therefor in any appropriate district court of the United States and shall recover threefold the damages he or she sustains and the cost of the suit, including attorney’s fees.

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The Carlson Law Firm has been fighting for the rights of injured veterans across the nation for over 30 years. We are a veteran-owned and operated law firm headquartered at Fort Hood, Texas.

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