Flood Insurance Claims Attorney


Helping Victims of Hurricane Harvey Rebuild South Texas

When your home or business is threatened by a hurricane, it’s nearly impossible to be prepared for the damage that will be left. That’s why insurance exists. The unfortunate reality of flood insurance is that insurance companies will gladly take your money to give you peace of mind but will be unwilling to keep up their half of the deal once disaster actually strikes.

That’s where The Carlson Law Firm comes in. If your flood insurance claim payout is undervalued, we can help.

If you want your insurer to honor your policy due to damage from Hurricane Harvey, or if you want to file a claim with the NFIP, you’ll want an experienced attorney on your side. Our goal is to make sure those affected by natural disasters are compensated with a hurricane insurance claim so that you can get your lives back to normal as soon as possible.


Facing the loss of a house, car, and other personal items are always difficult, but when victims find themselves struggling with insurance companies to obtain fair compensation for their damages, the loss feels that much greater. At The Carlson Law Firm, we have a team of dedicated and experienced trial attorneys who are committed to guiding clients through the aftermath of natural disasters that cause extensive damage.


Many businesses are facing catastrophic losses following Hurricane Harvey. Insurance policy coverage often doesn't take into consideration losses suffered by your inability to operate. They only focus on your property losses, but experts estimate that most of a business’ damage after a natural disaster comes from business interruption: the loss of clients, revenue, and operations that a disaster invariably causes. If you lost business because of Hurricane Harvey, our firm can help you recover your losses.


As the ultimate insurer, the federal government has many defenses available to it that private insurers do not. These defenses include sovereign immunity, federal preemption and a requirement of strict compliance with regulatory requirements. This is where The Carlson Law Firm comes in. Our Flood Insurance Claims attorneys can help walk you through this process and ensure that your payout is fair.


We have a team of dedicated and experienced trial attorneys committed to guiding clients through the aftermath of natural disasters. At The Carlson Law Firm, we are experienced in FEMA, and National Flood Insurance Program, or NFIP claims. If Hurricane Harvey, or another storm, damaged your home, our firm is committed to helping you recover. Call us at (866-813-3780) for a free review of your legal and financial options. Contact us today for more information. We care. We can help.

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