Metal On Metal Hip Replacement Injury

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metal on metal hip implant

Hip Replacements Causing Serious Injury

Metal hip replacements have been causing problems for patients for years. Some estimate that more than 400,000 people are at risk for developing problems after receiving a Metal-on-Metal (M-o-M) hip implant. Replacement hips with cobalt chromium (CoCr) heads are associated with significant problems. Some of the complications of metal hips are metal poisoning or metallosis, fretting, corrosion, pseudo-tumors, loss of function, fractures, and separation of the head from the stem. These can lead to the need for painful additional revision surgeries and permanent health problems. As a result, many lawsuits have been filed against several manufacturers of these defective medical devices.

Signs and symptoms of a defective metal on metal hip

Early signs and symptoms of a faulty metal hip can be mild, such as increasing pain, swelling, rash, clicking or popping. Sometimes doctors dismiss a defective hip implant as the potential cause for problems and symptoms, until they become severe and the patient needs additional surgery. Some of the hip implant devices involved in lawsuits have been recalled by the manufacturers, and surgeons have sent recall notice letters to their patients. Some of the defective hips have not been recalled.  You can’t be sure that you have a good hip just because you have not received a recall notice.

Even if you don’t know which hip implant you received, don’t worry. Our attorneys can help you find out. If you received a Metal-on-Metal hip implant, you may be able to recover compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering and other related losses.

The lawyers at The Carlson Law Firm are representing patients with Metal on Metal hip replacement claims, including those involving:

Wright Medical Conserve Cup (M-o-M)

Wright Medical Profemur Stem (Modular)

DePuy ASR(M-o-M)

DePuy Pinnacle (M-o-M) with modular heads <36mm

Zimmer M/L Taper Kinectiv Stem (Modular)

Zimmer Durom Cup (M-o-M) with modular heads <36mm

Zlmer Versys COCR Femoral Heads

Biomet M2A 38mm/Magnum

DJO/Encore (M-o-M)

Omnilife Apex Arc (Modular)

Smith & Nephew R3 (M-o-M)

Smith & Nephew SMF Stem (Modular)

Stryker COCR V40 Head (Modular)

Stryker Rejuvinate/ABGII(Modular)

Omnilife Apex ARC and Apex K2 hip stems

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Establishing negligence is key to the success of any case, and we have more than enough skill and resources to do just that. Our firm has over 40 years of experience and runs like a machine – efficiently and effectively.

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