11 Injured in Austin Rollover Accident on Hwy 183

A rollover accident in Austin, which involved two vehicles, sent seven adults and four children to a local hospital on Sunday, police reported.

Five of those injured sustained serious injuries as a result of the Austin car accident.

Officials are still investigating the crash and are unsure if occupants in either vehicle were wearing seatbelts at the time of the car wreck.

One of the vehicles was identified as a Ford F-150 pickup truck, holding five people. The other vehicle was identified as a Mitsubishi Galant, which was occupied by six people, four of which were children.

The rollover car accident in Austin occurred on Sunday evening at the intersection of 290 and Hwy 183.

While some rollover accidents may be caused by a tire blowout or loss of control, other instances of rollover can occur when a vehicle becomes tripped up in a collision with another vehicle. Vans, pickup trucks and SUV’s have a higher risk of overturning because of their higher centers of gravity. Because of the higher risk of rolling, standards governing the strength of the roof of such vehicles are in place to protect occupants from the serious injuries that sometimes accompany roof crush.

Sleepy driving, alcohol and drug abuse, inattention and failure to adhere to signage and laws are just some of the problems linked to auto accidents and rollovers. But while there are things drivers can do to help prevent a collision or rollover crash from occurring, the failure of some vehicles to protect occupants from known problems and risks associated with their vehicles, is equally alarming.

Guilt may leave drivers and loved ones wondering what they could have done to prevent a serious rollover accident and the accompanying loss and injuries. But in some situations, auto defects and tire flaws may have actually placed occupants in danger, rather than protecting them from harm.

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