15 Injured in Grand Prix Accident in Houston

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 8-Oct-2013

A crash during the final lap of the Houston Grand Prix left as many as 15 people injured at Reliant Park on Sunday, officials reported.

Injured victims included previous Indianapolis winner, Dario Franchitti, who experienced a concussion, multiple breaks in his vertebrae and a broken ankle, officials from the scene of the Houston accident noted.

Other victims of the Grand Prix accident in Houston included those struck by flying debris as a result of the wreck. Injuries ranged from minor scrapes to more serious bruises, breaks and abrasions, witnesses on the scene reported.

Although INDYCAR officials reported that 15 people were injured in the Grand Prix accident in Houston, two of those people were actually transported to area hospitals for the treatment of their injuries. Officials reported that 11 other people were treated and evaluated at the scene of the crash.

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