17-Year-Old Killed in Four-Wheeler Accident in Texas

A 17-year-old was killed and an 18-year-old was injured in a four wheeler accident near Hearne, Texas, officials said.

According to the Department of Public Safety, the teens were injured when they struck a tree while riding a 2004 Honda Four-Wheeler. The impact of the crash threw the young men from the four-wheeler. Neither was wearing a helmet.

Police identified the young man who was killed in the tragic accident as De’jon Eugene Piece, 17, who was the driver of the vehicle at the time of the Robertson County accident. Piece was pronounced dead at the scene officials said.

The passenger of the four-wheeler,18-year-old Gerjuan Lamar Huffman was transported to St. Joseph Hospital in Bryan, Texas for the treatment of injures he endured in the four-wheeler crash. He was listed in good condition.

All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV) and other recreational vehicles, including three wheelers and four wheelers are a popular form of fun across the state, especially among young people. But despite their popularity, ATV’s are also a source of danger for riders, especially prone to overturning.

Defective design and manufacturing of some of these recreational vehicles can make them prone to rollover accidents. In addition, many ATV rollover accidents result in riders being crushed by the weight of the vehicle because of lacking protection offered to riders, in the form of a cage or other protective device. Drivers and passengers of ATV’s are also at risk from being thrown from the vehicle, should a four wheeler accident occur.

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