18 Students Transported to Hospital After Pleasanton Bus Accident

A school bus accident in Pleasanton sent at least 18 students to the hospital for the treatment of injuries they experienced as a result of the bus crash Wednesday, police said.

According to the Department of Public Safety, the school bus was rear ended by a pickup truck, which was traveling at a high speed and was unable to stop in time, as the bus let two students off.

Although many of the injuries endured by the student passengers involved in the Pleasanton school bus accident were minor, the driver of the pickup was transported to the hospital via helicopter, authorities noted.

Counting on the fact that your child is in good hands while being transported to and from school by bus is something we all consider important. But despite how extremely important it is for our children to experience a safe environment, that provides them necessary protection from injury, school buses are not immune from some of the road hazards, recklessness and negligence that plagues all kinds of drivers sharing the roads.

Following an accident, it’s important for victims to seek medical attention because of the injuries, while not immediate, may make themselves known at a later time. Some of the more common types of injuries that bus accident victims may have include:

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