18 Wheeler Accident on Highway 239 Kills Two

An 18 wheeler accident on Highway 239, outside of Beeville, left two people dead on Wednesday afternoon, police said.

Although the two people have not been identified, officials said the truck accident in Karnes County involved a small passenger car and an 18 wheeler truck. Police said the victims who were killed were both women, who were retired school teachers from Karnes City. Two men were also in the Toyota Camry when the 18 wheeler slammed into the back of the passenger vehicle, according to reports by WOAI News. The women killed were seated in the back passenger seats of the Camry, officials said. The men were transported to University Hospital for the treatment of their injuries.

Authorities are still investigating the accident to uncover which vehicle or driver may have been at fault in the Highway 239 18 wheeler truck accident.

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Texas 18 wheeler accident can be much different from collisions that only involved passenger vehicles. In contrast, 18 wheeler accidents can involve multiple parties who may be held responsible for the injuries and death resulting. Trucking companies, truck maintenance companies and truck drivers may all be held responsible for the devastating aftermath of a serious tractor trailer accident.

Because of the difference associated with trucking accident that make them very different from other accidents, victims of such collisions must act quickly, seeking the advocacy of an experienced truck accident attorney who understands the specifics of helping injured parties and families dealing with the death of a loved one caused by a truck accident. Many truck companies and the insurance companies representing them will move quickly to investigate the scene of an 18 wheeler accident in Texas, protecting their own bottom line.

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