18 Wheeler Accident on Hwy 6 Snarls Traffic

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 28-Jan-2013

Texas 18 wheeler accident attorneysAn 18 wheeler accident on Hwy 6 in Grimes County snarled traffic when a vehicle with the Department of Transportation and a semi-truck collided on Monday morning, officials reported.

Authorities told KBTX News that the semi-truck was unable to stop in time after a passenger vehicle in front of it slowed. The 18 wheeler truck smashed into a guardrail nearby, causing the big rig to jack knife before crashing into equipment in the road.

Texas 18 Wheeler Accident Attorneys

Construction and work seems to be a constant across Texas as the state constantly seeks to improve and transform roads to make them more efficient as well as safe for passenger vehicles and commercial trucks alike.

But while construction is often necessary to continuously improve interstates and highways, construction zones and regions where work is being performed require attention from drivers to ensure the safety of occupants in vehicles as well as construction workers.

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