18 Wheeler Accident Results in School Bus Accident in Seguin

A school bus accident, involving an 18 wheeler, a PT Cruiser and a Ford Focus, left several people injured on Friday morning, police said.

According to reports the accident took place near Highway 46, on SR 123.

A report published by Kens5 noted that the bus was hauling middle school students and high school students at the time of the bus accident involving the gravel hauling 18 wheeler truck in Seguin.

KSAT News reported that one of teens on the bus had been identified as 9th grade Seguin ISD student, Jason Reed, who was transported to the local hospital for treatment of injuries he endured in the school bus accident.

At least Nine Seguin ISD students and the bus driver were taken to a local hospital, in Seguin, while at least two injured Seguin ISD students were transported to a hospital in San Antonio. Witnesses said the driver of the 18 wheeler truck was airlifted to University Hospital.

An alternate report released by WOAI, said the accident was caused when an 18 wheeler truck clipped the PT Cruiser, that had pulled to the side of the road to allow the tractor trailer truck to pass. The passenger vehicle overturned, colliding with the oncoming school bus on Highway 123. The Ford Focus was, reportedly, traveling behind the school bus at the time of the Seguin accident.

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