18 Wheeler Tire Blowout Accident Sparks Hamshire Fire

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 8-Nov-2011

A tire blowout on an 18 wheeler truck provoked a fire in Hamshire Texas, the local volunteer fire chief said.

According to officials at the scene, the accident occurred on Highway 73 in Winnie and the fire resulting lasted for several hours until authorities could extinguish the blaze.

After experiencing a tire blowout, in the rear region of the 18 wheeler truck, the explosion of rubber caused the tire to wrap around the axle of the big rig. Because the driver could not immediately stop the truck, the friction caused a fire.

Fire officials said the driver used an extinguisher on board his truck until it ran out. The fire continued to spread amongst windy weather conditions.

Thankfully, no injuries resulted from the fiery Texas accident.

Tire blowouts are a dangerous phenomenon that sometimes occurs on defective tires, manufactured or designed improperly. While tire blowouts and tread separation are frightening, they can be even more damaging when they occur on the rear wheels of a vehicle, especially those prone to rollover accidents.

SUV’s, 18 wheeler trucks and even pickups have higher centers of gravity, putting them at an increased risk for toppling if imbalanced or tripped up. Defective tires may be comprised of old rubber or may experience tread separation as a result of negligent manufacturing.


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