18 Wheeler Truck Accident in Dallas Injures Two DPS Officers

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 2-Dec-2011

An 18 wheeler truck accident in North Dallas, sent two Department of Public Safety officers in the hospital with unknown injuries Friday morning.

According to reports, the two officers were behind a different Texas accident, attempting to block the scene from oncoming drivers, when the driver of semi-truck was unable to stop in time. After locking the truck’s brakes, the 18 wheeler truck jackknifed, smashing into the front region of the police cars.

Injuries endured by the two officers are unknown, though they were transported to the hospital.

The driver of the truck was given a standard sobriety test, which many truck drivers are given following an accident. Results of the test have not yet been revealed. No charges have been filed against the semi-truck driver.


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