18 Wheeler Truck Accident Kills Tow Truck Driver Near Caddo Mills

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 19-Jul-2012

A tow truck driver, who was assisting Department of Public Safety officials with a vehicle, was struck and killed in an 18 wheeler truck accident on I-30 near Caddo Mills on Tuesday evening.

The tow truck driver was identified as 43-year-old Billy Wooten Jr. He was pronounced dead at the scene of the 18 wheeler accident by Justice of the Peace Sheila Linden.

Authorities said that Wooten was struck while loading a vehicle for DPS after a previous arrest was made by that trooper.

The truck crash took place on eastbound I-30 near FR 1565.

Work being completed on roadways, including construction zones, accidents and other obstructions o normal traffic require special care by drivers on interstates and highways. While passenger vehicles must take care when traveling through such zones by slowing their speeds and defensively looking for people, debris, equipment and debris that could causes an accident, trucks requires extreme care from drivers.

The sheer size and weight of trucks, tractor trailers and 18 wheeler trucks make it more difficult for drivers to slow or stop when necessary. Defensive driving and attention to the roadway can help truck drivers react more quickly to issues in the road, accidents and constructions.

On the other hand, inattention by truck drivers can be deadly, reducing the reaction time and cutting out precious seconds they require to stop and slow down. Inattention, distractions, drugs and alcohol and even inadequate training can affect a truck driver and their ability to react to a dangerous situation or circumstance.

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