18 Wheeler Truck Accident on I-20 Sends Two to Hospital

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 28-Aug-2012

A multi-vehicle accident on Texas I-20, outside of Marshall, snarled traffic and sent two people to the hospital with injuries on Monday evening, officials said.

According to officials, the truck accident in Marshall involved two SUV’s in addition to the 18 wheeler. The victims who were injured were identified as a female driver of one of the SUV’s and a male passenger.

Witnesses told authorities that the accident occurred when one of the SUV’s involved, a Ford Explorer, rear-ended the SUV driving in front of it, pushing that SUV into the rear of the 18 wheeler truck.

As a result of the rear-end collision, the SUV behind the truck was shoved beneath the under-carriage, causing the top of the vehicle to be almost completely sliced off.

Police said there was construction occurring on I-20 in the region at the time of the truck accident. Investigations are still underway as officials attempt to uncover more details surrounding the rear-end collision involving the big rig.

Semi-Truck Under-Carriage Accidents

Rear-end collisions involving 18 wheeler trucks can be fatal. But despite the mammoth size of semi-trucks and tractor trailer trucks, regulations and standards have outfitted them with protective guards and equipment that can help safeguard smaller passenger vehicles from the serious injuries that can potentially occur, should a vehicle slide beneath a big rig.

Guards in place on the rear of a truck can help prevent smaller vehicles from sliding beneath. But despite standards requiring specific equipment, not all tractor trailers are properly outfitted with protective gear designed to protect others, making them a serious hazard for other drivers and passengers sharing the roads and interstates.

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