3-Yr-Old in Serious Condition After San Manuel Rollover

three-year-old was transported to Rop Grande Hospital in McAllen. She was most recently listed in critical condition following the Texas rollover accident.

After rolling several times, police said the vehicle landed on its crushed roof. Investigation of the accident is still taking place as officials look into what may have caused the injuries and some of the details involving the accident.

Although rollover accidents often only involve one vehicle, which becomes tripped up, imbalanced or loses control, these types of accidents can quickly turn fatal, resulting in serious head injuries, brain injuries and ejection.

Defective roof pillars and inadequate protection can cause passengers and drivers alike to endure upper body and head injuries caused when the roof of a vehicle crushes as it impacts the ground or other surface. Without the proper reinforcement from the roof pillars of a vehicle, occupants can quickly become vulnerable to injury and death caused by a rollover accident.

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