5-Time DWI Suspect Kills Motorcyclist in San Antonio

A five-time DWI suspect was arrested after a drunk driving accident in San Antonio on Wednesday after leaving an area bar early that morning.

40-year-old William Joe Rohmer only made it two blocks from Coco Beach bar in San Antonio, where he was drinking, before swerving into the opposite lane of traffic and striking a motorcycle.

The San Antonio motorcycle rider, identified as 40-year-old Gilbert Chavez. Chavez was thrown from the motorcycle upon impact. He passed away after being transported to University Hospital.

Rohmer had three drunk driving convictions prior to the drunk driving motorcycle accident in San Antonio that occurred after he left the bar Wednesday morning.

Although drunk drivers should be held responsible for drunk driving accidents resulting in injuries and death, the bars that serve them excessive amounts of alcohol can also be held accountable in “Dram Shop” laws.

A Dram shop is an establishment where alcohol is sold and served to patrons. Bars, restaurants, pubs and taverns are all included in the category of Dram Shops. In Texas, establishments may be held accountable for serving alcoholic beverages to patrons who are obviously intoxicated and present a clear danger to themselves and others.

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