8 Dead, 44 injured in Charter Bus Crash in Texas

A charter bus rolled over on a south Texas highway on Saturday according to the Department of Public Safety.
The crash happened in Webb County near the border of Mexico on Highway 83 around 11:26 a.m. local time.Seven people were pronounced dead at the scene and the eighth person died later at a hospital DPS Trooper Conrad Hein said.

Bus Crash Injuries and Deaths

Despite the situation in which someone is injured by a bus, the medical costs, burdensome injuries and loss of work can create strain upon individuals and family members alike. Buses must possess the equipment necessary to carry out safe transportation of passengers. Additionally, those trusted with the great responsibility of transported passengers from one point to another must be properly trained by bus employers.

Like truck drivers, bus drivers must be competent employees, having endured proper background checks and received adequate training to provide a safe atmosphere and travels for passengers. Some of the driver-centered problems that can lead to unsafe conditions include:
• Driver negligence
• Poor bus security
• Operating on dangerous roads and interstates
• Operating during obviously dangerous weather conditions
• Driving drunk or drugged
• Fatigued driving
• Inadequate maintenance of the bus and its equipment

The sheer size and weight of buses can pose a particular risk for those surrounding the vehicle as well as those within it. Lengthier stops and turns that often lack finesse can make buses particularly dangerous if they are not operated properly by well-trained employees and maintained in a safe manner.

Bus Crashes and Legal Issues

While dealing with a bus company and uncovering its role in a preventable accident can be difficult for injured passengers or family members who lost someone in a fatal bus accident, bus insurance companies can be equally complicated, making advocacy important to those seeking to distinguish their rights and protect their loved ones.

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