8 signs your child is being experiencing daycare abuse or neglect

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare. That dreaded phone call saying your child has been injured. This terrifying turn of events has actually happened to many parents in Texas and across the nation.

The facilities we trust our children to, such as daycares, after-school programs and camps, aren’t providing the quality of care they are required to, and children are being hurt because of this negligence.

Daycare workers are responsible for the care of all the children in their charge. When they fail to maintain a reasonable level of care, they are acting negligently and can be held legally liable for their actions. If your child has suffered harm at the hands of a child care employee, whether it be physical abuse, sexual abuse, verbal abuse or child neglect, we may be able to help you fight for the justice you and your children so rightly deserve.

Signs Of Daycare Abuse and Neglect To Watch Out For

Daycare abuse can easily go unnoticed, which is why knowing exactly what to look for can help you to identify a problem early on, before it’s too late.

How To Choose The Right Facility For Your Child

Parents following these tips to ensure that their children are being placed in a safe and secure learning environment.

What The Carlson Law Firm Can Do To Help

If you believe your child is being harmed at his or her daycare center, after-school program, camp or any other child care facility, please don’t hesitate to contact our team of experienced daycare abuse attorneys at The Carlson Law Firm. We are available to speak with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We care, we can help.




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