Texas Industrial Accident Leaves One Worker Dead

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 13-Feb-2012

In the wake of a previous industrial accident that took place last week, a worker at a separate plant was killed in a chemical plant accident in Texas City, Saturday, authorities revealed.

The industrial accident occurred at a chemical plant owned by Dallas Group of America, in Texas city, a company that is based out of New Jersey, officials said. The worker was identified as Virgel James Stoker, 26.

Stoker was reportedly operating packaging equipment at the time of the accident. The facility was closed following the death of the worker in Texas City.

No other details regarding how the worker was killed or what may have caused the accident have been revealed and the company where accident took place has not offered any additional information.

With oil booms and an increase in manufacturing and industrial industries across Texas, the number of fatalities and injuries associated with on-the-job accidents has begun to appear in the news more and more. But while there may be an increase in industrial and oil-based jobs across the state, employers and employees alike have a responsibility to operate in a safe manner.

Swift hiring and efforts to meet the demands of growing industry sometimes cause employers to sacrifice training, leaving some employees poorly equipped to meet the physical and mental demands of industrial positions.

Although creating and offering additional jobs across the Lone Star state is a positive move, employers must be held responsible for accidents that occur based on poor employee training, inadequate safety equipment and irresponsible practices that can cause serious injury and death.

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