At Least Two Injured in 18 Wheeler Pile-up on I-35 Near Lorena

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 2-Apr-2013

A as many as 15 vehicles were involved in a pileup truck accident on I-35 near Lorena seemed to be the result of several accidents, closing northbound lanes of traffic near Old Lorena Road on Tuesday afternoon.

Police said at least seven 18 wheeler trucks may have been involved in the multi-vehicle pileup on I-35.

The initial accident may have involved as many as four passenger vehicles and three 18 wheelers.

Authorities are still investigating the scene of the 18 wheeler accident on I-35 near Lorena in an effort to uncover what may have sparked the multiple collisions. Weather may have been a factor, officials told KWTX. At least two people were injured in the various collisions reported.

One of the most important things victims of a car accident can do is seeking medical attention. Even when initial injuries are not noticeable or may seem minor, as the stress and anxiety of an accident diminishes, injuries can be amplified and nagging pain may not go away.

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