ATV Accident Outside Houston Kills Two

An ATV accident outside of Houston claimed the lives of two people on Saturday when the all-terrain vehicle flipped backward on a steep hill, officials said.

According to police, four people were occupying the recreational vehicle at the time of the ATV rollover but two of them escaped the accident by jumping off.

A man and a woman left onboard the all-terrain vehicle when it rolled were crushed as it overturned.

The woman was transported to the hospital, where she later died as a result of the recreational vehicle crash. The man, who was also left on board, was pronounced dead at the scene of the fatal ATV accident.

Authorities who responded to the crash reported that the rollover occurred at Down South Offroad Park, near Old Beaumont Highway.

ATV’s and other recreational vehicles have been plagued by rollover accidents that cause serious injuries and sometimes result in death because of the lacking protection provided to occupants.

A popular summer pastime, ATV’s are sometimes outfitted with a rollover cage that will help drivers and passengers from becoming crushed beneath the weight of an overturned all-terrain. Despite the availability of these ATV rollover cages, not all manufacturers use the protective equipment that could, potentially, save lives in an ATV wreck situation.

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