Austin Bus Accident Sends Nine to Hospital

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 15-Feb-2012

A school bus accident in Austin sent as many as nine people to the hospital with injuries on Wednesday morning, Travis County Sheriff’s officials said. Previous reported said only three people were injured. The number was later updated to include nine.

The Manor Independent School District bus, which was reportedly transporting high school students to school, was rear-ended in Austin. The three people who were injured in the school bus accident in Austin were transported to St. David’s Medical Center.

Police have not yet released whether the injured parties were students or occupants of other vehicles involved in the rear-end collision on Highway 290.

As many as half-million buses transport more than 24 million students to and from school every day, making the responsibility of bus drivers and vehicles surrounding an important one as we strive to safeguard our children from harm. But while there is an important responsibility for drivers to take care when driving near buses, paying close attention to surroundings, especially when students are waiting, boarding and exiting buses, school bus accidents continue to fill the news.

In 2009, alone, 56,000 accidents involving buses, took place across the United States.

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