Austin House Fire Kills Two Brothers

A house fire in Austin killed two young brothers on Tuesday morning after a Ford F150 Truck sparked an electrical fire, which quickly spread to through the Southeast Austin house. Five other people in the house were rescued from the flame-engulfed home.

The boys, identified as 5-year-old Christian Marino-Franko and 7-year-old Bryan Marino-Franko, were killed in the Austin house fire.

The vehicle that sparked the Austin house fire was identified at a 2001 Ford F150, the same model and year that had been involved in a recall for the possibility of overheating even when the engine is turned off. The initial recall, which took place 7 years ago, included as many as 800,000 vehicles.

Ford reported 63 fires that were linked to the recalled vehicle, according to KXAN.

Seven family members lived in the home where the Austin house fire took place.

House fires can stem from a variety of appliances and equipment, including, heaters, vehicles, bad wiring, furnaces, and boilers. In many situations where a house fire occurs, a swift investigation is imperative to reveal the cause. At The Carlson Law Firm, our personal injury attorneys are experienced with handling cases where a fire is provoked by a bad product or as a result of the negligence of another person or company.

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In addition to manufacturers of defective products, such as a vehicle that may have sparked a fire, some retailers and maintenance companies may also be held responsible for injuries and wrongful death resulting from a house fire.

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