Austin Police Crack Down on Drunk Driving Labor Day Weekend

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 2-Sep-2011


Police in Texas and around the country are cracking down on drunk drivers this weekend. But while their tough stance on deterring drinking and driving over the holiday weekend is not surprising, Austin officials are taking the initiative to a whole new level: drawing blood from drivers suspected of being intoxicated.

According to the Austin Police Department, (APD) officials will draw blood from suspected drunk drivers if they refuse a breathalyzer test this weekend.

For the past four years, the policy, also known as the “no refusal” program has been initiated over several select holidays. In addition to the Austin policy, police statewide will begin enforcing new, tougher, laws that go into effect today across Texas.

Drunk drivers in Texas who test at a blood alcohol level of .15 percent of higher will face more severe penalties, according to the state Legislature’s recently passed HB1199. Blood alcohol levels tested at .15 will result in Class A Misdemeanor charges, accompanied by maximum sentences of $4,000 fines and one year in jail.

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