Auto Defects and Vehicle Recalls Continue to Plague GM

As the automaker continues to endure scrutiny about its handling of auto defects tied to injuries, accidents and multiple deaths, General Motors announced yet another auto recall on Tuesday.

The GM recall includes more than 2.4 million vehicles.

While the latest round of recalls announced by the auto manufacturer does not appear to have been sparked by reports of deaths, the recall brings the total number of recalls automobiles to over 13.6 million cars, trucks, SUV’s and vans since February alone.

In addition to announcing recalls and enduring criticism from safety advocates, GM is also experiencing pressure from government entities, which are, reportedly, investigating the handling of GM auto recalls. As investigations continue and General Motors attempts to combat the bad press and extensive auto defect lawsuits that are sure to follow, safety advocates expect more recall announcements to follow.

The latest rounds of recalls include:

The recalls are being tied to seatbelt defects, where cables can become worn and separate, leaving occupants vulnerable to ejection in the instance of an auto accident. Repairs are being performed by the company and dealers have been instructed to halt sales until necessary repairs have been completed.

Although it seems that GM is attempting to make repairs and announce recalls in a timely manner. Safety advocates say this wasn’t the case for previous recalls. Instead, the auto maker is being accused of knowing about defects and flaws and failing to notify consumers with timely recalls. As a result, earlier announcements of safety problems tied to their vehicles seem to have been glossed over, resulting in reports of fatal accidents that may have been prevented with timely action and vehicle recalls.

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