Baby Monitor Batteries Recalled for Burn Hazard

A baby product recall involving baby monitors was announced Thursday but Summer Infant, the monitor’s maker. According to the company the rechargeable batteries in the baby monitors can pose a burn hazard, which sparked the baby monitor recall.

The baby monitor company, based out of Rhode Island, reported as many as 22 instances of burning, which, in some cases, provoked property damage. No reports of injuries related to the recalled baby product have been released, officials said.

According to the company, the baby monitors were distributed at Baby’s R Us stores from February 2010 to 2012.

The batteries, which are manufactured in China, were initially recalled in 2011.

Baby Product Recall Attorneys in Texas

Although recalls are an important part of keeping consumers safe, baby product recalls can be serious, resulting after serious injuries and death tied to the defective product are reported to a company.

Baby monitors were recently a topic of safety discussions after reports of baby and child strangulations were released in relation to cords and lacking warnings. Baby monitor cords that are located close to cribs and beds where children and babies sleep can be a strangulation hazard if children mistakenly get their hands on cords or become tangled among dangling wires and baby monitor cords.

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