Baby Monitor Strangulation Risks Prompt Fed Warnings

A popular baby product that parents often rely on to protect their babies and children has come under fire by critics, recently as injuries tied to baby monitor cords have emerged in the past few years.

Despite the ability of parents to check on the infants and children, using baby monitors, warnings by the federal government regarding the safety of such products have drawn attention to strangulation risks associated with the products.

Baby monitor cord strangulation has claimed the lives of at least 7 children since 2002, injuring more after babies and you children became entangled in the cords providing power to the devices, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The risk of strangulation from baby monitors has become so real and threatening that the CPSC recently launched a campaign to inform parents and family about the dangers associated with baby monitor cords.

But are warnings enough? Should the safety of baby monitors be reevaluated, revealing a product that may offer parents a way to monitor their young children without the risk of strangulation associated?

Although parents are encouraged to place monitors at least three feet from cribs and regions where babies and children have access and warning labels are available for parents to place on those baby monitors, current regulations do little to protect or educate families about the risk of strangulation tied to baby monitor cords.

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