Bad Ignition Switches at Center of Millions of Recalls

As new auto recalls emerge, issues associated with General Motors ignition switches are increasingly evident, potentially causing vehicles to shut off, unexpectedly, causing serious accidents and the potential for life-altering injuries resulting.

Despite the catastrophic problems, potentially associated with the faulty GM ignitions, new sources reported that the ignitions could have been a simple fix for the auto giant, costing the manufacturer a mere 57 cents per vehicle. In contrast, hundreds of crashes and hundreds of injuries and deaths are being linked to ignition defects among GM vehicles and other cars, trucks and SUV’s outfitted with the faulty vehicle part.

Defecttive Ignition Switch

Various problems have been associated with the defective ignitions, which can shut off inadvertently when keys are bumped or moved. Something as a simple as driving over a bumpy surface or using keys on a particularly heavy key ring can, reportedly, cause the bad ignition to shut down, leaving occupants at risk of serious injuries and damage to their automobiles.

General Motors, like other auto makers and companies producing goods for consumers, have a responsibility to provide customers, drivers and passengers with a safe product that protects them from potential harm and injury. Instead, the auto maker put consumers at risk for serious injuries by failing to provide them with a product that operated safely, as intended. Not only were drivers and occupants who endured injuries as a result of the auto flaw not protected in the instance in accidents that occurred, they were actually placed in harm’s way as a result of the defective ignition switch.

Some victims who experienced accidents may not have even been aware that a vehicle flaw or defect was responsible for their incident and injuries. In addition to ignition failure, some victims of associated accidents also reported other problems and defects that put them at an even great risk of injury and loss, including:

Ignition Failure: What Caused GM Defects and Accidents?

According to a recent article published by National Public Radio, the ignition failures are linked to a product that springs less than a normal ignition should, resulting in a less powerful tension that can be triggered by even the slightest bump or jarring action by keys or the vehicle itself. NPR went on to report that GM discovered the flaw as early as 2001, among Saturn vehicles. Despite the discovered flaw, the company turned a blind eye to multiple vehicles linked to the flaw, citing cost as a reason for avoiding replacements of the part in its vehicles. In fact, as early as 2005, the company announced the ignition switch problem internally. While the problem was highlighted within an internal memo and discovered long before, the problem still remained unfixed and consumers were not notified.

It was not until the beginning of 2013 that General Motors took action in a recall, which included hundreds of thousands of vehicles. The recalls, which included additional part that were reportedly flawed, increased to include millions of GM autos for dangerous ignition flaws, bad tail lights, faulty brakes and ignition lock cylinders.

While many victims may not even understand what problems or defects provoked their accident and accompanying injuries, revealing important answers is an important part of seeking closure, moving forward, getting quality medical care and alleviating some of the burden associated with necessary medical care.

Bad Ignition Switch Attorneys | Auto Product Liability Lawyers

At The Carlson Law Firm, we’ve been helping victims in Texas and around the nation as they look to answer important questions, seek closure and hold negligent companies responsible for vehicle defects and preventable flaws that should have been addressed or warned against long before an accident or injury has occurred.

With investigators in staff, experienced with accident reconstruction, ignition recalls and vehicle defects, we have the resources to quickly gather evidence and facts that can help the victims of accidents caused by defects and the family members looking for answers. At The Carlson Law Firm, our clients rely on us to tell their unique stories. Despite some of the similar problems and accidents our clients endure, each person has a unique story and we take our job of conveying that story to judges and juries extremely seriously. For a free consultation, call today. We care. We can help.


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