Beaumont Pileup Accident on I-10 Kills Two & Injures 80 in TX

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 23-Nov-2012

A 140-vehicle pileup on I-10 left as many as 80 people injured and claimed the lives of two people Department of Public Safety officials said.

Police identified the two fatalities killed in the pileup in Beaumont as 60-year-old Debra Leggio and 64-year-old Vincent Leggio.

Interstate 10 was closed for more than 8 hours as emergency crews struggled to clean up hundreds of cars piled on top of one another.

DPS said the pileup accident in Texas may have been sparked by one initial crash in the eastbound lanes of I-10, which led to a chain reaction of collisions.

An estimated 80-90 people were transported to area hospitals with injuries caused by the massive accident outside Houston. Ten to 12 of those people transported to the hospital were in critical condition as a result of injuries they endured.

Foggy road conditions may have played a role in the I-10 auto accident.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the loved ones o those killed in this tragic accident and the injured victims recovering.

Because it is so much more difficult for large trucks to stop while traveling at highway speeds, adverse weather conditions, like fog make careful vehicle operation and attention imperative to safeguarding truck drivers themselves and surrounding passenger vehicles.

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