New Policy Makes Renewing Car Registration Harder

Falling behind on child support payments received graver consequences beginning in December of 2016. Parents who have not made a child support payment in the past six months now receive notices that their vehicle registration renewals are blocked at the request of the Texas Office of the Attorney General.

According to spokeswoman Janece Rolfe of the attorney general’s office, the goal of this policy change was to encourage more compliance with child support obligations.

Vehicle owners receive a reminder to renew registrations approximately 45-60 days in advance of their renewal deadline. Individuals who have not made any payments towards their child support obligations in the past six months, and are up for vehicle registration renewal will begin receiving notices from the Texas Office of the Attorney General 90 days prior to the expiration of their vehicle registration. For registrations expiring at the end of December, the reminders will be mailed starting September 1.

If someone has not made any child support payments for the past six (6) months, they will not be required to pay off the full amount to have the hold lifted on their renewal. However, they must enter into an agreed payment plan with the Texas Office of the Attorney General and make a satisfactory payment towards that plan.

The Texas Office of the Attorney General estimates that the new policy will affect up to 2,000 people in Texas each month.

Texas drivers must renew their vehicle registration annually. The cost is $51.75 annually with many local counties adding on additional fees.

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