Belton Contract Worker Killed in Pressure Washer Accident

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 17-Dec-2013

A Belton contract worker who was cleaning asphalt tanks with a pressure washer was killed in a workplace accident on Tuesday morning when an apparent problem occurred as he worked, Belton police reported.

The young worker who was killed was identified by officials as 19-year-old Cristian Hefner.

According to reports, Hefner was working for a company hired by Tarco, a roofing company in Belton.

Fire Department officials from Belton arrived on the scene by 11 a.m.

Officials, including representatives from the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), are investigating the workplace accident in Belton in order to uncover what may have provoked the incident.

Workplace Injury Lawyers in Texas

Workplace accidents can be devastating to the families and workers relying on their jobs and the income coming from their employment to survive and support their loved ones. Whether incidents result in short or even long term injuries or death, they can rock the employees they touch as well as families of those injured. Although some incidents may be purely accident, other issues may have been prevented with proper training from employers, equipment maintenance and adequate background checks performed on other surrounding employees that offer supporting roles that help keep workers safe.

In addition to being life altering, workplace injuries can also stem from negligence by a multitude of parties, companies and people involved. Contractors, subcontractors, equipment owners and property owners may all be involved in potential claims tied to injuries endured on site or by workers, making the aid of a workplace accident attorney an important part of fully investigating who should be held responsible. We have the resources to thoroughly investigate the events surrounding an accident, revealing important answers and providing families and victims with some of the closure and compensation they need to move forward.

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