Bicycle Accident in Medina, Texas Kills Avid Cyclist

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 13-Sep-2012

A Medina, Texas bicycle accidentclaimed the life of an avid cyclist on Tuesday, when he was struck by a vehicle while riding near his home in Bandera, officials reported.

Police identified the cyclist, who was killed on State Highway 16, as Randy Solis, 59. Solis was pronounced dead at the scene of the Texas bicycle accident.

An active member in his community, Solis was well known for his role at the Medina Community Library. In addition, Solis had recently cycled across the country on an 1,800 mile trek that took him 29 days.

Community members said Solis road from Bandera to Medina often, since he traveled to work by bicycle almost every day.

Officials said Solis was, in fact, wearing a helmet at the time of the collision.

Even avid riders, who are familiar with some of the important safety aspects of cycling cannot always avoid the negligence of inattentive or careless drivers. Proper safety equipment cannot always safeguard cyclists from the serious weight and size difference of passenger vehicles in contrast with the lacking protection offered by a bicycle.

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