Bicyclist Killed in Drunk Driving Hit-and-Run Accident in Houston

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 24-Jan-2012

A Houston hit-and-run accident that claimed the life of a bicyclist has led to the arrest of the drunk driver, investigators believe is responsible for the wrongful death.

The man was arrested for a DWI and for failing to render aid following the DWI accident in Houston, officials with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office said.

The driver left the scene of the drunk driving accident that killed a man riding a bicycle. Although the driver of the van that struck the bicyclist left the scene of the crash, the license plate on the van was knocked off and remained nearby.

Police used the license plate to find the man who was driving the van, identified as Jerad Thomas. Although Thomas is not the owner of the van, the friend who had lent the vehicle out, informed police regarding who had been driving it that evening. They located Thomas, asleep on a stairwell, with the keys tucked beneath him.

The man who was killed in the bicycle accident was identified by police as Frank Corona, Jr., 53.

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