Body Identified in Texas 18 Wheeler Accident

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 18-Aug-2011

San Antonio– The body of 38-year-old Joe Louie Balboa was identified by San Antonio officials as the driver of an 18 wheeler truck involved in a fatal accident on August 16th. While his 10-year-old son experienced serious injuries, Balboa was killed instantly when his semi-truck slammed into the back of another large truck sharing the road. While traveling at high speeds on Highway 16, both rigs attempted to change lanes simultaneously, resulting in the fatal accident that killed Joe Louie Balboa, officials said.

Although the second vehicle’s driver was not hurt, Balboa’s son continues to remain in serious condition with injuries to his head. While the accident is still under investigation, there does not appear to be alcohol involved.

In 2009 as many as 2,225 trucks were involved in fatal crashes in Texas, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTA) said, highlighting the danger that highways and roads can pose to drivers surrounded by large vehicles. In fact, as many as 78 percent of fatalities resulting from a truck-car accident are sustained by the driver of the smaller vehicle, according to the Share the Road Safely organization. Drivers can protect themselves by wearing seatbelts at all times and proceeding with caution on roads and highways, especially when shared by huge rigs.


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