Boston hotel shuttle bus crash kills 2 from Texas

A hotel shuttle bus crash near Boston’s Logan International Airport has killed two people from Texas.

According to authorities, a Subaru Legacy and a Hampton Inn shuttle bus collided around 1:15 a.m. on Route 1A, just past the Ted Williams Tunnel. Reports say the Subaru had exited the tunnel and crashed into the rear of the bus, which has just entered 1A north from the airport.

The force of the collision caused the bus to veer left, hit a road barrier, and then veer back to the right, where it struck the right side of the barrier.

Two passengers on board the bus were ejected and died at the scene. They’ve been identified by local authorities as 59-year-old Joseph Rodriguez, and 47-year-old Sandra Arreola, both from El Paso, Texas.

Two other shuttle bus passengers were injured, as well as the driver. Their injuries have been reported as non-life threatening. They are receiving treatment at local hospitals.

The driver of the Subaru has been identified by police as a 27-year-old man from Swampscott, Mass., although his name has not yet been released.

Police have also reported that the shuttle bus was equipped with seat belts, however seat belt use by victims is still being determined by an ongoing investigation.

The tunnel was closed to eastbound traffic for several hours overnight.

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