Crash pins suspected drunk driver between SUV and police car

A woman was rushed to the hospital early Friday morning after a routine traffic stop in Brazoria County.

According to officials, an Iowa Colony officer stopped a 48-year old woman for possibly speeding around 2 a.m., Friday morning. She was then asked by police to exit the vehicle in order to perform a field sobriety test. Officers say that before a test was able to be performed, another woman ran into the parked police vehicle that was stopped on the side of the road, which caused the first woman to be pinned between the police vehicle and her own vehicle.

She was seriously injured and had to be transported to a nearby hospital via Life Flight.

According to investigators, the woman who hit the parked patrol vehicle was on her way home from celebrating her 53rd birthday. It is suspected that she was also intoxicated.

The wreck occurred in the southbound lane of Highway 288 near Country Road 64.

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