Buckle Up to Prevent Texas Truck Accidents

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 10-Aug-2011

The Texas Department of Transportation is in the midst of summer-long campaign to encourage pickup truck drivers to wear their safety belts. The campaign, called “Buckle Up in Your Truck,” will take TxDOT on a tour of Texas baseball fields to speak about the dangers of not buckling up.

Benefits of Seat Belts

Nationwide, seat belts save an average of over 13,000 lives each year. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that seat belts have saved over 72,000 lives during a five year span from 2005 to 2009.

Wearing a safety belt while in a passenger car reduces the chance of sustaining fatal injuries by 44 percent. In a pickup truck the chances of escaping fatal injury when wearing a seat belt jump to 66 percent, due to a truck’s tendency to roll over in the event of a motor vehicle accident.

Pickup Drivers Not Buckling Up

With pickups being a huge part of Texas culture, safety officials are worried that truck drivers are not taking the warning seriously.

According to TxDOT, during 2010 over 95 percent of occupants of passenger vehicles buckled up, an increase from previous years. However, only 90 percent of those in pickup trucks used seat belts, suggesting that truck drivers are resistant to buckling up. Moreover, approximately half of all truck drivers killed in traffic crashes in Texas were not wearing safety belts.

The “Buckle Up In Your Truck” campaign also features two Waco teens who survived a 2009 rollover crash in their pickup truck. They hope to reach people with their message – that they wouldn’t be alive today if they hadn’t buckled up.

Source: TxDOT: Truck drivers, passengers resist buckling up


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