Buda 18 Wheeler Accident on I-35 Kills One

One person is dead after a Texas 18 wheeler accident in Buda on I-35 resulted when a pickup truck was rear-ended by the big rig, officials said.

The pickup truck driver who was killed in the 18 wheeler accident in Buda, was identified as 53-year-old Isidro Tobias, a resident of Austin. Tobias was pronounced dead at the scene of the Buda crash. His passenger was transported to the hospital with injuries that resulted from the multiple-car accident on I-35.

Officials believe the accident may have been sparked by a previous accident that had occurred on I-35, which had slowed traffic.

Accidents that occur during heavy traffic situations require drivers surrounding to pay special attention to the vehicles in front in efforts to prevent subsequent crashes from occurring. “Rubber necking” can create situations where drivers are looking at accidents or surrounding traffic rather than paying attention to the task of driving.

Truck drivers who spend countless hours on the road should be properly trained by employers on dealing with accident situations, preventing other accidents from occurring because of slowing or slowed traffic as a result of a crash.

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