Cahoma, Texas Rollover Accident Injures Mother and Child

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 8-Feb-2012

A single vehicle rollover accident in Cahoma left a mother and her child injured when the driver, apparently, lost control of the vehicle on I-20 early Wednesday morning, officials said.

Both the woman, who has not been identified by police, and her child, were transported to the hospital via ambulance. Emergency crews initially called emergency helicopters to transport them, but they were later called off.

Authorities said no other vehicles were involved in the accident and no one else was injured in the Texas rollover.

Rollover accidents are often more prevalent among SUV’s and truck, which have higher centers of gravity, putting them at greater risk of tipping or becoming tripped up on road hazards, railings or other vehicles.

Although they are known to roll much more easily, equipment within is not always designed to protect the vulnerabilities particular to those involved in a rollover accident. Neck injury, back injury, spine injury and head injury are just some of the injuries that are sometimes specific to those involved in a rollover accident, as the impact of a rolling vehicle sometimes results in a crushed roof.

Weak roof pillars and even defective glass can cause the roof of a vehicle to invade the protective space between an occupants head and the roof of the vehicle, where it is impacted during the accident. While roof crush testing requirements are increasing, much more testing and more stringent requirements are sometimes necessary to truly reveal the crashworthiness of a vehicle.

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