California Man Ejected from Fed Ex Truck, Killed

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 6-Dec-2011

A California man was ejected from a Fed Ex truck in a fatal commercial truck accident, Cibola County Sheriff’s Department representatives said.

Pomona, California, resident, Martin Leon was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident after the Fed Ex truck he was a passenger in struck the back of a truck pulling into traffic. The Fed Ex truck was driven by Federico Martinez.

The truck, which was struck by the Fed Ex truck, was driven by North Carolina resident, Albert Payne.

According to officials, Payne was driving along I-40 when his vehicle had a rear-tire blowout, provoking him to pull off to a service station. After repairs, Payne pulled his truck back onto the interstate, where the Fed Ex truck smashed into the rear of his vehicle.

Upon impact, the commercial truck burst open, leaving Leon vulnerable to vehicle ejection. He was run over by his own truck after he was ejected, police said.

While protective equipment in passenger’s vehicles is an important way to safeguard occupants, keeping drivers and passengers safe is also important among commercial trucks and cars. From protective laminated glass to airbags to sustainable roof pillars, the prevalence of rollover accidents and commercial truck crashes as well as dangerous tire blowouts on roadways make it important that drivers are safe from the harm of bad auto products.


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