Calvert Man Killed in Rollover Accident Near Groesbeck

A rollover accident on FM 937 outside of Groesbeck left the driver of a mack truck, which was hauling a dump trailer, dead Tuesday morning, officials said.

The man who was killed in the rollover accident near Groesbeck was identified as 51-year-old Calvert resident, Gary Wade Hillman. Hillman was pronounced dead at the scene of the Groesbeck single vehicle accident.

Rollover accidents can sometimes be caused by imbalanced or improperly loaded vehicles and trucks, which can cause an already unstable vehicle, with a high center of gravity, to become even more dangerous.

But despite some of the rollover risks associated with SUV’s and trucks, auto manufacturers have the technology and know how to protect occupants from roof crush, ejection and serious injuries caused by these types of accidents.

The use of laminate glass in other windows, besides the standard windshield, can be an important factor in preventing auto ejection and keeping drivers and passengers in the vehicle. In addition, seatbelts and airbags operating at optimum levels can also prevent some of the injuries associated with car accidents. On the other hand, defects in protective and safety equipment can have fatal results, failing to safeguard occupants from the severity of roof crush, ejection and incapacitating injuries.

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